Svetlana Lokhova

Svetlana Lokhova is a By-Fellow of Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

She is responsible for a number of the most important archival discoveries about espionage in recent years.  Her critically acclaimed first book, The Spy Who Changed History, results from one such discovery.   She also identified the Cambridge ‘Sixth Man’, Cedric Belfrage, aka the ‘Hollywood Spy’.  From her work on the ‘Mitrokhin Archive’, she found the identity of the US Cold War KGB recruit, ‘MIKE’, and revealed the KGB’s plans to recruit President Nixon’s chief physician.

Svetlana’s work has resulted in reports, interviews and specially commissioned programmes across international media outlets such as BBC Today Programme and other BBC News programmes on TV and radio, US Public Service Radio, Radio Free Europe, ABC (Australia). 

She was until recently a Fellow of the Cambridge UK Security Initiative jointly chaired by the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, and Professor Christopher Andrew, former Official Historian of the MI5.




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