The Great British Reboot

How the UK Can Thrive in a Turbulent World

Alex Brummer

An optimistic exploration of how, through radical economic reform, the United Kingdom can prosper and flourish in the new global economy, post-Brexit and despite the
global pandemic.

Britain is a global powerhouse in creative industries and professional services, and is host to entrepreneurs and corporations on the cutting edge of technological progress. Why then, is the economic rhetoric surrounding Britain dominated by trepidation and doubt? Alex Brummer plots an ambitious course for Britain’s future after Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic – drawing upon firsthand interviews with the leading minds in business and his own expertise as a seasoned economic journalist.

Refreshingly realistic and yet undaunted, Brummer outlines how our current moment can be reshaped into an unprecedented opportunity for economic prosperity – a chance for Britain to reconsider its budgetary model, along with its concessions to corporate governance. He emphasises the need for a new long-term approach, which would allow Britain to capitalise upon the ever-changing global market and new technological developments. This is an inspiring investigation into how careful planning and innovative reform can lead to a flourishing economy.

First published by Yale University Press (Trade Divsion) in November 2020


“Brummer provides an inspiring list of reasons to be optimistic about British business.”
John Kay, co-author of Radical Uncertainty

“Thank goodness for Alex Brummer, someone who closely follows what is happening in the bowels of British business and brings back a mainly uplifting account of the dynamic and innovative core that will see the country prospering in the post-Brexit era.”
David Goodhart, author of Head, Hand, Heart

“Alex Brummer’s powerful vision of a positive post-Brexit UK future is heartening – but as he himself acknowledges, it depends on singlemindedly protecting, building on and enhancing current strengths. I hope for all our sakes that this can indeed be done.”
Vicky Pryce, former Joint Head, UK Government Economic Service

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