JPLA welcomes proposals for full-length books in any of the categories represented above.

Submissions should be sent by email to​

Please understand that, due to the volume of submissions received, editorial feedback and other advice is unlikely to be provided in the event that I decline an opportunity.

Please also prepare to be patient as I do try to read and respond to every submission.  I try to respond within a month at most but cannot guarantee to do so.

New writers might find it helpful to read an article that I was commissioned by Writer’s Market UK to write in 2009 about the author-agent partnership.

Guidelines for Submissions

Please limit the covering email to highlights in a few lines, reserving most information for an all-in-one document attachment. Guidelines for the attachment follow below…


  • Synopsis – describe the novel in no more than 300 words.
  • Background – state relevant personal background, including prior publishing history.
  • Sample – include first three chapters or approximately fifty pages to a natural break.
  • Optional extra: outline the whole novel (no more than 2 or 3 pages)
  • Optional extra (most suitable for genre fiction): List three to five comparable successful novels already in the marketplace, explaining the comparison in a few sentences and saying what you believe makes yours distinctive within the group.


  • Synopsis – describe the book in no more than 300 words, perhaps beginning by summarising it in a single sentence.
  • Background – state relevant details of your publishing history and public profile, including your credentials as an expert if it’s that sort of book.
  • Proposal – elucidate the nature and content of the proposed book in 5-20 pages, leading to marketing strengths and market analysis.  (Eg list three to five comparable and recently successful books already in the marketplace, explaining the comparison in a few sentences and stating how your stands out)
  • Chapter plan – optional – summarise each chapter to indicate how you envisage the book being structured
  • Sample – optional but preferable – one sample chapter.
  • A note of your sources, if it’s that sort of book.

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