More titles by Christopher Matthew

Please note this is not a complete bibliography; it excludes titles on the preceding page.

More details on each title can be found at Christopher Matthew’s own site.


Diary of a Somebody, Hutchinson (1978)

Loosely Engaged, Hutchinson (1980)

The Long-Haired Boy, Hamish Hamilton (1980)

The Crisp Report, Hutchinson (1981)

Three Men in a Boat (annotated edition with Benny Green), Pavilion Books (1982)

The Junket Man, Arrow (1983)

How to Survive Middle Age, Pavilion Books (1983)

Family Matters, Hodder & Stoughton (1987)

The Amber Room, Sinclair-Stevenson (1995)

A Nightingale Sang in Fernhurst Road, John Murray (1998)

Now We Are Sixty, John Murray (1999)

Knocking On, John Murray (2001)

Now We Are Sixty (and a Bit), John Murray (2003)

Summoned by Balls, John Murray (2005)

When We Were Fifty, John Murray (2007)

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