All Titles by R W Johnson

  • (ed. with Christopher Allen) African Perspectives (1970)How Long Will South Africa Survive? (1977)
  • The Long March of the French Left (1981)
  • Shootdown: The Verdict on KAL 007 (1985)
  • Heroes and Villains: Selected Essays (1990)
  • (ed. with Lawrence Schlemmer) Launching Democracy in South Africa: South Africa’s First Open Election, April 1994 (1996)
  • (ed. with David Welsh) Ironic Victory: Liberalism in Post-Liberation South Africa (1998)
  • South Africa; The First Man, the Last Nation (2004)
  • South Africa’s Brave New World: The Beloved Country since the End of Apartheid (2009)
  • How Long Will South Africa Survive?: The Looming Crisis (2015)
  • Look Back in Laughter: Oxford’s Postwar Golden Age (2015)

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