The Marsh Lions

with Brian Jackman

Jonathan Scott

‘The Lion saw the misty and familiar reed beds, the glitter of water in the red-gold light of dawn, and he roared at the plains beyond. The Africans knew what the lion was saying. “Whose land is this? Whose land is this? It is mine, mine, mine!”‘

For five years Brian Jackman and Jonathan Scott followed the Marsh pride, painstakingly recording the daily drama of life and death in Kenya’s finest big-game country. In time they came to regard many of the lions as old and familiar companions: the irascible Notch and her half-sister Shadow, the misfit Mkubwa and the majestic Scar. These Lions are real individuals whose lives – intimately observed and beautifully illustrated – offer a unique insight into the savage world of the African plain.

First published in 1982, The Marsh Lions was hailed as a wildlife classic. Fifteen year later, the descendants of its central characters featured in BBC-TV’s Big Cat Diary and views of that series have been following the fortunes of the pride ever since. The book’s re-issue allows the authors to add another chapter to this extraordinary saga, and this edition also includes stunning new images by Angela Scott to bring the story up to date.

Reissued by Bradt in 2012; first publsihed by Elm Tree Books in 1982.


‘Compelling reading… vivid and faithful to a landscape that has beguiled so many, but is ultimately untameable.’ The Sunday Times

‘A fascinating study… The fine descriptive writing brings the sights and sounds of Africa to life… Outstanding colour photographs.’ The Daily Telegraph

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