The 7 Questions

The Ultimate Toolkit to Boost Self-Esteem, Unlock Your Potential and Transform Your Life

Nick Hatter

Do you feel stuck in bad habits, or wonder why you procrastinate, or find yourself repeating old patterns?

Every one of us has unlimited potential for personal growth. But it can’t be accessed by blindly following advice or rules: it’s uncovered by asking the right questions.

In The 7 Questions, award-winning life coach Nick Hatter offers a toolkit for bringing clarity and self-awareness whenever you feel you’ve lost direction in life.  Each question – from how you formed your opinion of yourself to whether your beliefs are serving you – will prompt you to look within and ultimately improve your self-esteem, confidence and emotional intelligence when the loss of a job, relationship or loved one brings you low.

Drawing on vivid examples from the cutting edge of psychology and the author’s personal and professional experience, The 7 Questions will help you to coach yourself,
unlock your potential and transform your life.

First published by Piatkus Books in January, 2022

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