The Prince, The Princess & The Perfect Murder

(US title: The Woman Before Wallis)

The first great love of Edward III’s life, the sensational consequences, and the Establish cover up

Andrew Rose

The book behind the widely viewed Channel Four documentary, Edward VIII’s Murderous Mistress.

Half a century before Dodi and Diana, another Prince of Wales would be involved in a deadly love triangle with a famously wealthy Egyptian ‘prince’.  Edward was the future King of England, a destiny he would famously forsake over his love for Wallis Simpson.  But two decades earlier he was involved in another love affair that threatened to jeopardize the royal family.

The story took place in miason de rendevous, luxurious chateaux in the French countryside providing hospitality for the British upper classes, the richest food, the finest wines and the most beautiful women, in the violent and dangerous Paris demi-monde where man of the women came from and in the Savoy hotel in London, where a murder was committed.  This major royal scandal, superbly covered by the Royal family and the judiciary has remained secret ever since.

The Prince, The Princess and the Perfect Murder is the product of several years’ research, accessing unpublished documents held in the Royal Archives and private collections in England and France.

First published by Hodder & Stoughton (Hachette, UK) in 2013.


“Andrew Rose…cracks the case in dramatic detail, with compelling new evidence of a secret conspiracy by the royals and the judiciary..”
Iain Finlayson, The Times

“…fascinating…Andrew Rose was himself a judge and his lengthy account of the trial is magnificent.”
Selina Hastings, The Spectator

“The evidence Rose used to build up his case was superb…Finally someone has done justice to the very wicked Maggie Meller.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“The account that Mr. Rose, a British barrister and former judge, gives of the trial is riveting…. He delivers a vivid account of the social and political history of the era, in particular the British public’s combination of extraordinary race prejudice and fascination with the ‘decadent East’ as depicted in novels, popular music and films.”
Wall Street Journal

“Downton Abbey’ will seem pretty tame after [The Woman Before Wallis].”
—Billy Heller, New York Post

“Long before Prince Harry, England’s Edward VIII enjoyed a ribald youth… [A] dishy new book… Andrew Rose [unearths] some extraordinary details… meticulously researched and highly evocative.”
Tom Sykes, The Daily Beast

“An interesting read for those fascinated by the British royal family.”
Claire Franek, Library Journal *starred review*

“Rose has written a gripping book, enhanced by his elegant style and sharp eye for detail”.
Press Association

“A really dishy read…meticulously researched narrative…captures the opulence, pomposity and peccadilloes of the aristocracy that flourished on both sides of the channel.”
Washington Times

“The Woman Before Wallis…is the titillating true tale of a scandal involving the future Edward VIII (later the Duke of Windsor) before he ever hooked up with that Simpson woman.”
Colette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times

“Anyone with an affinity for royal gossip, true crime and the Roaring 20s should check out this book.”
Meaghan Walsh Gerard,

“Andrew Rose, a historian and barrister in London for twenty years, has done a yeoman’s task in bringing the true story of this royal affair to light. After so many years The Woman Before Wallis outdoes contemporary scandals. Needless to say it’s also can’t-put-down reading.”
Gail Cooke, All Good Things And More – blog

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