David Spiegelhalter as speaker

Sir David is an exceptionally dynamic speaker with a passion for bringing applied mathematics to schools, policy makers and businesses.


Previous Events

There have been more than 200 events involving a vast range of audiences and organizations.

Here are a few examples from the business world:

  • Risky Business – ‘Novel ways to present risk data’
  • Lloyds, London (Knowledge Transfer Network) – ‘Analysing and visualising risk and uncertainty)
  • McKinsey – ‘Understanding Uncertainty’
  • Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform – ‘Understanding Uncertainty’
  • HM Revenue Customs Treasury – ‘Handling risk and uncertainty
  • Judge Business School – ‘Communicating risk and uncertainty’
  • RiskMinds (The World’s Leading Risk Management Conference) – ‘Perceptions of risk’
  • Postgraduate Certificate Sustainable Business – 13 – ‘Risk, science and society’
  • Programme for Sustainable Leadership – ‘Making decisions in the face of risk and uncertainty

Here are some examples from a wider array of audiences:

  • ‘Criminology course, Cambridge – ‘Chance and crime’
  • Cheltenham Science Festival Cheltenham – ‘Risk in the Media’
  • BHF talk British Heart Foundation – ‘Communicating risk and uncertainty’
  • Global Custody Forum – ‘Perceptions of risk’
  • Royal Statistical Society Journalists training – ‘Statistics in the media’
  • Kettles Yard (art gallery) – ‘Randomness in art’
  • Government Offices East – ‘Risk: trying to quantify our uncertainty’


“David Spiegelhalter is an excellent science communicator. However complicated the subject he can always find a way to explain it in accessible language. Together with his enthusiasm and great sense of humour he can really excite an audience about science and engage their interest in finding out more.”
Valerie Isham, President, Royal Statistical Society

“Professor Spiegelhalter’s riveting presentations have made risk statistics both accessible and entertaining…Whether on YouTube or at a large festival venue, he possesses the unique ability to convey statistics in a humorous and engaging style”
Nicola Buckley, Head of Community Affairs, University of Cambridge
& Genevieve Maul, Science Communications Office, University of Cambridge

“David Spiegelhalter has made statistics sexy…He has given countless hours to talking at festivals, writing articles and patiently explaining to journalists how the meanings of datasets and analysing patterns of numbers can unravel and explain, rather than complicate, our lives.”
Alok Jha, Science and Environment Correspondent at The Guardian

“From mobile phones and cancer to vaccination and heart disease, David has answered countless calls from journalists to help them understand complex pieces of scientific research… His patience and willingness to engage, as well as a flair for pithy soundbites and clever analogies, means the public are well informed about health and science through the popular media.”
Fiona Fox, Chief Executive of the Science Media Centre

“David makes the subjects of risk and statistics not only easy to understand, but also entertaining and intriguing.”
Hannah Devlin, Science Reporter for The Times

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