Kaffe Fassett as speaker

The Kaffe Fassett lecture is designed to inspire and motivate the audience to be adventurous in using colour.  The presentation highlights works from his latest projects, these include his patchwork quilt, fabric, needlepoint, mosaic, painting and knitting designs.

A tremendous amount of Kaffe’s inspiration comes from his continual travels and his lecture is designed not so much to instruct but to empower and inspire the audience to create and develop their “mind’s eye”.

Audiences leave invigorated – entranced by Kaffe’s sense and use of colour, they are ready to try it themselves and are encouraged to do so. The slide show lasts approximately 60 minutes followed by a question and answer session and book signing.



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Previous Events

Renowned for his colour work, Kaffe frequently shares his vision of the craft in his lecture tours, exhibitions, and television appearances.


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