Jonathan Scott as speaker

Jonathan Scott speaks about wildlife, conservation and the lessons businesses can learn from big cats – a fascinating and entertaining theme.


Previous Events

Jonathan is a regular speaker at the Royal Geographical Society and has lectured extensively as tour leader of expeditions in Antarctic cruises.  He has also spoken at many sponsored events, including:

  • The Faraday Theatre, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, for Ultimate Travel Company
    ‘Poles Apart – Wildlife Photography in Africa & Antarctica’
  • Twycross Zoo Association.
    ‘Around the World with Jonathan & Angie Scott’
  • Slimbridge. BBC Wildlife Magazine readers Day in association with Swarovski.
    An Audience with Jonathan & Angie Scott – Be inspired by Jonathan and his tails of Big Cat Diaries’
  • The Daphne du Maurier Festival 2010. Fowey Cornwall.
    ‘Behind the scenes of Big Cat Diaries’


“Huge thank you for the wonderful evening’s entertainment that you and Angie gave – everyone loved it and I received numerous emails to that effect.”
Nick Van Gruisen, Managing Director of The Ultimate Travel Company in connection with talk at the Royal Institute of Great Britain on behalf for The Week magazine and The Ultimate Travel Company – 2010

“Your talk was visually gorgeous, professional, uplifting and delivered so smoothly it was like chocolate. Angie’s images were spectacular (my favourite: little Toto looking up at mum) and, as I mentioned, the Gladiator music nearly made me cry (well, it had been a long day!) It was the perfect end to the day.”
Sophie Stafford, BBC Wildlife Magazine in connection with – 2010

“To come in cold and take on a role that you had no knowledge of is a star turn indeed.
The audience loved you, and by audience, I mean the speakers, too.”
Ros Kidman Cox (organizer of WildPhotos 2009, former Editor of BBC Wildlife magazine and now a freelance Editor, journalist, facilitator) – 2009

“On behalf of Wildscreen, I’d just like to say a massive thank you for doing such a wonderful job compering WildPhotos 2009. You were a complete star – thank you for all your hard work, your professional approach …. thank you for also spending so much time with them afterwards answering questions and signing books etc. It was such a pleasure and privilege working with you”
Harriet Nimmo, CEO of Wildscreen – 2009

The Scotts’ Brand

Conservation Credentials

The Scotts are interested in lending their name to conservation projects that share their values, namely protecting the habitats of creatures in the wild, creating sustainable community conservation projects with local communities and leveraging high end tourism as a way of generating revenue for conservation projects. The integrity of the Scotts own reputation within conservation circles is an invaluable asset for any co-brand partner.

Presenting Skills

Jonathan Scott is the world famous presenter of the BBC’s Big Cat Diaries. He brings to any project a tremendous presenting charisma and knowledge of wildlife. For brands seeking to develop in-house TV, advertising and web content around their conservation activities, Jonathan’s superb presenting skills bring brands to life.

Sensational Photography

Premium brands, and especially destination brands such as resorts, live or die by the quality of their imagery. In a world where everyone has access to stock photography, the Scotts are able to offer a huge competitive advantage to the brands they partner with, both in terms of their ability to shoot new imagery for a brand and in terms of their library of images representing two lifetimes of work across the globe from India to the Antarctic.

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