Robert Lacey as speaker

Robert Lacey is a versatile performer, as you might expect from someone with bestsellers in such varied subjects. As a TV correspondent and presenter, his delivery is highly polished. Topics on which he is most focused at the moment are the British Royal Family, English History and the Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia).

He can tailor his knowledge to cater for business audiences worldwide, and has given acclaimed talks to banks, investment companies and think-tanks in US and UK, as well as business consultancy services to major companies operating in Saudi Arabia on a group and individual basis.


Previous Events

Talks about Saudi Arabia:

  • Internal events staged by multinational companies
  • Defence and Security Forum, London – “Saudi Arabia in the post 9/11 World”
  • Council on Foreign Relations, Washington – “US-Saudi Relations in the Obama Age”
  • Carnegie Council for World Peace, New York – “Saudi Arabia in the Modern World”
  • Chicago World Forum, Arc of Crisis Series – “Saudi Arabia in the Middle East”
  • Munk Centre for International Affairs, Toronto – “Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Reforms”
  • Visions Center, Fairfield, Connecticut -“Whither Saudi Arabia?”
  • Saudi-British Society, London – “Saudi Arabia Today” (with Dr Samira Osailan)
  • Royal Institute for International Affairs, London – “Saudi Arabia Now” (Moderator Dr Mai Yamani)
  • Princeton Conference on Saudi Arabia Today – “King Abdullah, the Saudi Ulema and Reform”


“Robert gives a superb presentation and talk on The Kingdom. His intimate knowledge and experience within the region is second to none.”
Chester Business Club

“The one occasion when we never have to worry about numbers at a meeting is when Robert is coming to speak. He is always fascinating to listen to but also he is warm and friendly and a pleasure for all the members to talk to.”
Jane Mitchell, President ESU Eastbourne

“Robert has, without doubt and quite rightly, earned the reputation as the foremost and most knowledgeable of this country’s Royal Biographers.It is a joy not only to listen to his presentation of the language but also, to read his great gift of the written word, fascinating his readers on every page.”
Jacqueline and Austin Milllington, English Speaking Union

“The feedback we’ve had has been tremendous; Robert is such a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, and he left a very happy crowd behind.”
Fiona Stuart, Director, Lichfield Festival

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