Behind the War on Terror

Western Secret Strategy and the Struggle for Iraq

Following the US declaration of a ‘war on terror’, Washington hawks were quick to label Iraq part of an ‘axis of evil’. After a tense build-up, in March 2003 the United States and Britain invaded Iraq, purportedly to protect Western publics from weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  At that time, Ahmed was already writing a book to explain why both nations were being misled by their politicians.

Using official sources, Ahmed investigated US and British claims about Iraq’s WMD programmes.   His meticulous research into secretive Western manoevrings in the region since the collapose of the Ottoman Empire revealed the actual causes of the first Gulf War: the humanitarian catastrophe created by the twelve-year sanctions policy against Iraq, and the consistent obstructions of the ‘Oil for Food’ programme.

First published by Clairview Books (UK) in 2003


“I wish every American who still believes in the good intentions of [the George W Bush] government would read this book. Drawing upon his impressive research into recent history, Nafeez Ahmed skilfully exposes the real motives behind the ‘war on terrorism’ and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.”
Howard Zinn

“As the US serves notice that it plans to dominate world affairs by force, this finely researched book offers a timely and powerful warning to us all”I”
John Pilger

“In a worthy sequel to the author’s path-breaking expose of 9/11, this book exposes the real reasons for the war against Iraq. Ahmed recounts the untold history of how the orchestration of conflict and the conduct of military operations by Anglo-American power in the Middle East since Lawrence of Arabia has led today to a form of worldwide surrogate-imperialism.”
Andre Gunder Frank

“Nafeez Ahmed provides a valuable service by clearly laying out the facts and analysis people need to make sense of the US attack on Iraq. The reality of US policy in the Middle East isn’t pretty, which makes it all the more important to confront. Thanks to Ahmed for taking on the challenge.”
Robert W. Jensen

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