Thinking In Pictures

Adventures In Trying To Be Smart

Michael Blastand

Why thinking in pictures? Short answer: because the words seem to need help. If you sample the many smart-thinking books to hit the shelves recently, they all promise a smarter, more rational you, and it all seems just pages away. But if the books are that good, why are there so many? And have they succeeded in moving the dial of people’s reasoning?


Using illustrations and photographs, Michael Blastland shows how pictures can help put ideas to the test, making them vivid, showing them in action. Part guide, part gallery, Thinking in Pictures is a brilliantly original and witty introduction to smart-thinking – how to use it and when to question it – for anyone trying to make sense of a puzzling world.


First published by Atlantic Books (UK) in August 2023


‘One of the most original writers around. He has profoundly influenced my thinking.’ Hannah Fry

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