Great Tales From English History

The Best-selling Treasury of True Stories

Robert Lacey

From the mysteries of Cheddar Man to revolting peasants, from the ribald rhythms of Chaucer to the Glorious Revolution, from the Battle of the Boyne to The Origin of Species to the discovery of DNA, Robert Lacey takes us on a captivating tour of the nation’s landmark moments from prehistory to modern times.

Drawing on the most up-to-date research and packed with insight, humour and fascinating detail, Lacey brings the stories of England’s making brilliantly to life.

First published by Little, Brown (UK) in 2005.


‘A modern, accessible narrative history of England. Lacey has come up trumps.’
BBC History Magazine

‘These human high-spots flash past like a newsreel with the leading characters in close-up, leaving you thinking – what an exceptional country ours is to produce so many interesting people’
Books of the Year, Daily Mail

‘A story so rich it deserves telling time and time again.’
Daily Express

‘Lacey’s lively snapshots are always pithy and are delivered with a winning gung-ho enthusiasm’
Books of the Year, Sunday Telegraph

“A great introduction to history and legend.’

‘Beautifully written, full of things you didn’t know, and well worth a read if you want a new view on stories you thought you’d already understood.’
Living History

‘This is history at its best, well told and entertaining, packed with insight, humour and fascinating detail.’
Norfolk Journal

‘Personalities are the essence of this brilliant book…If only history lessons at school could have been as entertaining and informative as this.’
Newcastle Sunday Sun

‘A delight to dip into, with plenty to rescue a last minute assembly or a Friday afternoon lesson.’
Times Educational Supplement

‘As readable as 1066 and All That.’
Country Life

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