Carolyn Steel

Noticing how a gathering of architects, politicians, economists, developers, sociologists, housing experts and engineers were struggling to find a common language with which to discuss cities, she hit on the idea of using food as a common medium.

Her Cambridge University lecture course, ‘Food and the City’ went on to become an established part of the degree programme.

The chef Jamie Oliver once cited her TED talk as his favourite and in 2009 she was featured by The Ecologist Magazine as one of the UK’s ‘top ten 21st Century Visionaries’.

She has written for Blueprint Magazine, Building Design and presented on the BBC’s ‘One Foot in the Past‘.

While still a work in progress her first book Hungry City won her the RSL Jerwood Award for Non-Fiction (now the Giles St Aubyn Award).  It went on to be chosen as BBC Food Programme book of the year.   Becoming a key text among architects, food professionals, green designers and planners has ensured its backlist success.


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